What is hompo

Hompo is one of elifestore's brands, has a professional design team and development team, from design to production, every step is strictly controlled,
just to get you a warm and comfortable gift

Our vision is to create a warm and comfortable family life experience for you
Our products are Sporting Goods,
Pet Supplies, DIY Furniture, Beauty, Travel, etc

From design to production

Constant innovation & Constant expansion

Hompo life essential goods

Constant innovation & Constant expansion

Five categories of products

Sporting Goods: Sports make us healthier and more active
Pet Supplies: It is your pet, but also your friend, no matter when it is always around you, accompany you to learn and live

DIY Furniture: Life needs colorful, let us enjoy the DIY life
Beauty: Health and beauty are indispensable, there is always what you want
Travel: Every trip carries your memories

Whether you are

Athletic sports loving, Pet care, Love creativity DIY, Love to travel
In hompo can find suitable for your product

Active and healthy life

Pet care
Let it be your friend

Like DIY
Enrich your life

Love to travel
Leave a good memory

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